Saturday, December 29, 2012

WEDDING | Philip & Kristen - a winter holiday wedding celebration in Lynchburg

Kristen and I lived on the same residence hall during the Liberty University 2007-2008 school year when I was a Resident Assistant.  Following that year, I moved off campus and got married.  Kristen went on to finish her college career and even moved to Pittsburgh for a while.  I started seeing this guy, Philip, popping up in pictures on Kristen's Facebook page more and more often!  I was just waiting to hear the big news and it finally came - Philip and Kristen were engaged! 

I was so excited when the invitation came!  It was a chilly December 29th that found Kristen walking down the aisle to marry Philip.  They pledged themselves to one another and enjoyed the company of their friends and family.  I had a great opportunity to reconnect with some college friends and had a great time in the process!  I was honored to be a guest on their special day.  They had a wonderful photographer, Sarah Nyugen of Sarah Nicole Photography!  You should keep an eye on her page for updates!  I just wanted to share some of their beautiful day that I captured as a guest on their day!

 Brookville Ruritan Club Lynchburg Winter Holiday Christmas Wedding
 Brookville Ruritan Club Lynchburg Winter Holiday Christmas Wedding
 Brookville Ruritan Club Lynchburg Winter Holiday Christmas Wedding

Monday, November 12, 2012

SENIORS | John, Class of 2013

One August four years ago, John traveled from Connecticut with his family to start his freshman year at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.  I remember because John was one of the first students to attend from Groton Bible Chapel (the church my family attended while I was in college.)  Several other attendees have followed and have maintained their friendships here at college.  In fact, I had the opportunity to photograph this group before they attended Liberty University's Junior Senior banquet this year.  Check out their pictures on my Facebook page!  It's been wonderful to watch them grow in Christ over the last four years as they pursue their educations.

John is an aviation major and in just three short weeks, he will walk across a stage at Liberty University and receive his Bachelor's degree.  In November, I photographed John and his girlfriend Bridget for my portfolio and also individually for senior portrait sessions (You can see Bridget's here!).  He was a pleasure to work with and I hope you enjoy this session!

So, here's to John, his hard work, and the achievements of the Class of 2013!  Congratulations on your graduation!

Downtown Lynchburg Fall Senior Session Liberty University

Sunday, November 11, 2012

SENIORS | Bridget, Class of 2013

About six months ago, I had the opportunity to photograph this blonde haired beauty and her boyfriend in downtown Lynchburg to work on my posing with couples.   Since both she and John are graduating college seniors this year I took some senior portraits of them in trade!   

Please allow me to introduce you all to - Bridget!   Bridget hails from Vermont originally (I do love my fellow New Englanders!).  She's also a senior in the Nursing program at Liberty University.  Being accepted into the nursing program is tough enough, it's a very selective program.  But being an LU nursing student means 4 years of hard studying and determination!  This girl has finished her college race well! 

It's hard to believe that we took theses pictures in November (which seems a lifetime ago!) and now Commencement is just a mere four weeks away! The Lord has big plans for Bridget and will do great things through her and her chosen profession!

Congratulations to Bridget and the rest of the Liberty University Class of 2013!

Downtown Lynchburg Fall Senior Session Liberty University

Saturday, November 10, 2012

CHEER | Liberty University vs Stony Brook - November 10, 2012

It was a gorgeous fall day in November for the Military Appreciation Day football game of 2012.  My dad came up to visit from North Carolina for the weekend and attended with us!  My dad served in the Air Force and it's such a proud moment for me to see him as well as all the other men and women who have served our country be recognized for their sacrifices.  My husband assisted the Liberty University Police Department in the 21 gun salute during halfway time as well!  So lots of family pride going around that day!  Not to mention that the Heisman trophy was on display for that game as well - which my dad and brother in law, Tim, had to check out!  The 2012-2013 Liberty University cheerleading squad also was demonstrating their crowd leading and stunting skills for the duration of the game while we squared off against Stony Brook University and won 28-14!

COUPLES | John & Bridget

Just like any other skill or learned ability, the more time I spend behind the camera the more I can improve my craft.   It's challenging and fun to work with new people, try new techniques, or carry out a creative vision for a session.   John and Bridget were available this past November and gave me the perfect opportunity to work on my posing.  

John was one of several friends my younger siblings met at Groton Bible Chapel, where my family attended while I was in college.  There are a group of friends from that church in Connecticut that began attending Liberty University about the same time.  My husband and I hosted many a bonfire and even a few sleepovers with all of them!  Sleeping 10 extra kids in our less than 1000 sq foot two bedroom, 1 bath apartment was a feat in itself - but you don't know how much Bryce and I utterly delight in the kids and the chaos!  So, it seemed logical that when John and Bridget met in the summer of 2012 that Bridget would visit our home too! 

Working with these two during the session was a breeze!  It's a beautiful thing to see when a couple has sense of peace and contentment in their relationship.  I would say that John and Bridget have that!  Also, they can and did laugh with each other and at themselves, something a relationship always needs. 

Many thanks to Bridget and John for modeling for me!  Also, a big congratulations to both of them!  As part of this session, I shot some senior portraits for them too!  They are both Liberty University seniors (Bridget in Nursing, John in Aviation) and are graduating in just a few short weeks with the rest of the Class of 2013! 

Downtown Lynchburg Fall Liberty University Couples Session

Sunday, November 4, 2012

FAMILIES | Carpenter Family Maternity Session

Back when I was a Resident Assistant at Liberty University, my partner, Amber and I, remember interviewing Anna for our Spiritual Life Director position and thinking - THIS IS THE GIRL FOR US!  We were on pins and needles waiting to see if she felt the same way about us and our hall!  It turns our she did and Anna has been a blessing to me ever since!

Anna was a perfect fit for our leadership team and it was during those late nights on the hall that Anna first shared about this guy she had met, Jason.  They both had paths the Lord wanted them to walk but when He finally brought the two of them together, they fell in love and were married last year!  I coordinated their big day and my husband even took some pictures of their ceremony.  You can check out some of the images on my Facebook page! 

Anna has a graceful strength she has always worn with quiet confidence.  She knew that she belonged to the Lord and found her worth in Him.  It is that knowledge that has enabled her strength and her ability to be an amazing wife to Jason and I know will carry her through the joys and trials of motherhood.  

 Richmond Riverside Fall Maternity Session

Saturday, November 3, 2012

WEDDINGS | Scott & Lindsey - a windy November wedding with purple accents

Jessica of Jessica Mae Photography asked me to be the official second shooter for this day and I was blessed to have that privilege!  Lindsey and Scott were so excited to get married, the air was just full of anticipation!  Their day did not disappoint!  They chose to do a first look and their bridal party joined them shortly after for all their portraits!  They were such troopers - it was a really blustery day!

Their ceremony was beautiful and heartfelt.  They were married at their church and held the reception in the hall downstairs.  They had beautifully decorated the room and had mood lighting in the purple hue of their wedding colors!  When the sun sank a little lower, Jessica stole Lindsey and Scott away for some portraits during the sunset.  We had previously scouted a small field on a ridge near the church.  The light was fantastic and the portraits came out gorgeous!  So many family members and friends danced the night away alongside them and then saw them off to their honeymoon!

Here are some of my favorite images from their wedding!

Fall church wedding in November with Purple Accents
Fall church wedding in November with Purple Accents

Saturday, October 13, 2012

WEDDING | Matthew & Lara - a fall country club wedding in Pennsylvania

In October of 2012, I had the privilege of attending my cousin Matt's wedding.   I can't believe that it's almost been a year now!  Matt is about a year older than me and I met him when his dad got married my aunt almost fifteen years ago now.  They all live in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area and so we see them a few times per year, especially around Thanksgiving.

A few years ago, this girl Lara started showing up more and more during our visits.  Lara just fit so well into our family and more importantly, she is perfect for Matt! So, it was no surprise when Matt popped the question and the planning began for their big day!  No detail was left out! The weather was gorgeous that day for their ceremony at Calvary United Methodist Church and reception at the picturesque Shannopin Country Club

It was nice to attend as a guest rather because I got to spend time with all of my family that attended!  But I did have my camera with me and managed to capture a few shots from the day!  Our family ALWAYS has a good time at weddings, which you will see later :-)!  Congratulations Matt and Lara!

Fall Brown and Red Country Club Wedding Western Pennsylvania
Fall Brown and Red Country Club Wedding Western Pennsylvania

Saturday, September 29, 2012

WEDDING | Shawn & Addie - a rustic fall train station wedding

In 2012, I had the absolute privilege to assist Jessica Cortes of Jessica Mae Photography on three of her weddings.  Jessica is great to work with - friendly, engaging, smiles a lot and is easy to talk to.  Her manner helps her relate to her clients and their families, putting them at ease - a necessity on a day when nerves can be high.  She's also wonderful because she is willing to share with other photographers just getting started - i.e. me!

Shawn and Addie were married on September 29, 2012.  As we were driving up to Covington, Virginia - Jessica told me all the two of them!  Addie and Shawn are so much in love which I'm sure you will see through the images.  Addie is a school teacher and loves pink, a color used throughout their wedding.

When we arrived, Jessica and I headed over to the Covington C&O Depot to shoot the details.  The depot is also where Addie and Shawn would hold their ceremony later that day. 

Train Depot Wedding Venue
Train Depot Wedding Venue

Thursday, August 23, 2012

BRIDALS | Julie at West Manor Estate

Julie got engaged to her fiance' Jonathan earlier that spring (see their engagement session here!) and had planned their wedding day for the upcoming Labor Day weekend!  Their fantastic wedding venue - West Manor Estate, allowed us to photograph there for her bridal session! At the end of our session, the sun was going down brilliantly over the fields in the back of the manor!  Some vintage birdcage wedding decor and some personal decor created a styled scene to match their special day!  Julie's gown from David's Bridal was a perfect fit for her - subtle, sweet, and a bit of sparkle!  Julie is a southern girl from North Carolina and of course we had to include her cowboy boots for a few images!

I have to give a little shout out to Cardinal Camera for letting me borrow a beautiful Canon 85mm 1.2 lens for this session!  The images really turned out fantastic and I now have to save up for great glass of my own :-)!

*Note for future brides to be: Bridal sessions are a fantastic way to run through your hair and makeup and see how it looks before the big day! 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

WEDDINGS | Wade & Jessica a summer wedding at Longwood University

Every bride handles the events of their wedding day differently.  Jessica had a calm and confident air about her when we arrived.  The ladies gathered at the bride and groom's home in Farmville, Virginia.  Wade is a professor at nearby Longwood University and their reception would be held there later that day.  She was calm - enjoying her friends and family and the moments as they came. She was confident that no matter the circumstances of the day that ultimately, she was marrying the love of her life today!

Jessica and Wade joined their lives together and celebrated the evening away with their family and friends!  There was so much laughter and fun - they literally danced for hours at the reception.  It was another fantastic wedding for me as the third shooter for Jessica of  Jessica Mae Photography with the lovely Lauren of Lauren Kelley Photography as her second shooter that day. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

WEDDINGS | Sean & Chelsey - a southern summer wedding in Virginia

We met Chelsey at a friend's home that looked like it fell out of Southern Living magazine.  It was the perfect backdrop for the preparations and some portraits!  It was over a hundred and humid that day, so Jessica posed most of the portraits indoors before we all headed to Midway Baptist Church for the remainder of the day. 

Their entire venue was cohesively decorated in varying shades of delicate pink.  The result was a classic and elegant feel and overflowing with southern charm and hospitality! Sean and Chelsey opted for a First Look before the ceremony, which I was excited about!  I had not yet been able to observe one so this was my first!  I also loved that Chelsey and Sean BUILT their own dance floor outside to enjoy their first dance as man and wife with a beautiful sunset as a backdrop!

I had the privilege of assisting Jessica Mae Photography on Sean and Chelsey's special day.   This is also when I got to meet Lauren Kelley, who was Jessica's second shooter on a number of occasions and photographer in her own right!  I would have gladly accompanied to observe and assist but Jessica allowed to me to shoot for my portfolio as well!  So here are some of my favorites from the day from my perspective!

Southern Summer Charm Pink Wedding
Southern Summer Charm Pink Wedding
Southern Summer Charm Pink Wedding

Saturday, June 9, 2012

ENGAGEMENTS | Jonathan & Julie a historic downtown Lynchburg engagement

My husband and I met Jonathan as a freshman and over the years saw him grow into a strong man of God, progress into student leadership and eventually became a Resident Assistant at Liberty University while pursuing and finishing his Biblical Studies degree.  Julie - a vibrant country girl with a beautiful smile from North Carolina was also a student at Liberty University pursuing a degree in education. Little did she know that her caring nature and devoted heart for the Lord made her a perfect fit for student leadership as well.  Eventually, she too became a Resident Assistant all while pursuing her degree in education. 

One day, Jonathan met Julie and he knew she was different.  Soon a relationship began and grew into so many things between them - a support system, a best friend, a confidant and ultimately they both knew - a love for a lifetime!  My husband and I eagerly awaited the news of their engagement which finally came this spring!

I both was honored and thrilled that they asked me to photograph their engagement session and ultimately, their wedding day!  Their love story really started and thrived in the city of Lynchburg and they wanted to do their session locally.  We settled on downtown!  They love to laugh and had a ton of fun together the WHOLE time!  Thanks so much for entrusting me with capturing this wonderful time in your life and love story!  Here are some of my favorites! 

Monday, May 28, 2012

WEDDING | Ben & Stephanie a rustic outdoor wedding at Triple R Ranch

Happy conversation greeted me as I entered the home where Stephanie and her bridesmaids were getting ready that Saturday morning in the Chesapeake area of Virginia.  The air was filled with excitement as the girls chatted over makeup and hair preparations.  Later on, final touches took place while the bridal party waited in a pine paneled room just off the clearing where Stephanie would walk down the aisle in just a little while to join her life with Ben's.

Those places - the clearing, the room of pine panels, the willow tree gently overlooking the pond - all held meaning for Ben and Stephanie.  Triple R Ranch, the venue for their wedding, was a location where their relationship grew and flourished leading them to this day.  So, it was only fitting that it served as the backdrop for their next step together.  Their wedding was full of personal touches, heartfelt emotion, friends and family, not to mention lots of laughter! 

Ben and Stephanie will always hold a special place in my heart and my journey.  They graciously allowed me my debut as a wedding photographer on their big day.  I'm so humbled by their faith in me!  I'm very excited to finally share some of my favorites from their day! 

Rustic Outdoor Wedding Chesapeake Virginia Wedding Photographer Triple R Ranch
Rustic Outdoor Wedding Chesapeake Virginia Wedding Photographer Triple R Ranch
Rustic Outdoor Wedding Chesapeake Virginia Wedding Photographer Triple R Ranch