Monday, April 29, 2013

SENIORS | Tyler, Class of 2013

Tyler's mom, Terrie, contacted me after I photographed the Long Family maternity session about senior portraits.  Tyler is a senior at Liberty Christian Academy preparing to graduate in a few weeks.  In the fall, he'll be a freshman at Liberty University basically across the campus and plans to play football for the Flames!

So, last Thursday I met up with Tyler and his mom to start his session at Williams Stadium.  I hadn't met Tyler before then and you always wonder if you are going to get the "real" person to come across but I didn't have to worry.  We had a good time quoting  "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" (It's a good thing because I cannot quote The Office to save my life!) when we needed him to laugh and later on he started goofing off between pictures (he'll probably hate me for including some - sorry!) - which to me said he was feeling pretty much himself!

When mom and I planned the date of the session, neither of us knew that the NFL draft began that night.  I don't really follow football besides Liberty.  In fact, Tyler was in disbelief when I confessed that I hadn't been to an actual game until I came to LU.  My high school didn't have a football team!  So, needless to say I tried to keep my session timely so that he wouldn't miss it - I think we got him home in time!  Hope you all enjoy some of my favorite images!

Congratulations to Tyler and the LCA Class of 2013!

Liberty Christian Academy Liberty University Williams Stadium
Liberty Christian Academy Liberty University Williams Stadium

Sunday, April 28, 2013


My husband and I love having people in our home (as previously mentioned in John & Bridget's couples post) and starting last summer, my husband and I began renting our 3 spare bedrooms.  Two of my younger sisters rent rooms and in November, Hannah joined us!  

Hannah is from southern California, outside of Palm Springs.   Her brother in law worked with my husband and that's how we got connected originally!  When this spring semester is done, she'll have finished her junior year in the Liberty University Nursing program and be heading home for the summer.  She loves the outdoors - skiing, surfing, hiking - basically, nature!  In fact, she found a ladybug in our first session (see photos below!) and was looking for the spiders in the grass during our second (not pictured!).  I find that when I photograph people I learn a lot of new things about them.  Like, Hannah was a dancer in her youth, which came in handy for posing directions!  She also has a ukelele named Tito, who is featured in this session! 

Some people may think my husband and I are crazy to share our home but we love Hannah and are so glad we got to have her in our family this year!

Rustic Outdoor portrait session with ukelele
Rustic Outdoor portrait session with ukelele

Friday, April 26, 2013

SENIORS | Sean, Class of 2013

I know a lot of current students at Liberty University through my younger sister Alex (for example, Bridget & John - whose senior sessions I also did!) and I'd like to introduce you to another - Sean!

I'm not really sure how Alex and Sean originally met to be honest.  I believe it was through AWANA's Summit program.  Several groups of friends formed or combined during this time and most of them attended LU!  Sean is from Massachusetts and likes to play tennis.  Sean is studying graphic design and in fact, he is the one that designed my logo and my business cards, in addition to many other business items for me!  He's also a member of what is fondly known as The Addie Way.  And, no, it's not a boy band - it's a location, sort of!  A bunch of the boys in that group of friends lived together in a house on a street called Addie Way here in town.  And The Addie Way was born! 

I said all that to say that Sean met Alex, I met Sean, and Sean is COOL. THE END.

Ok, not the end . . . but it will be the end of Sean's Liberty University chapter.  Sean is graduating in just 2 weeks (I just tried to all caps a number for emphasis . . . FAIL)!!!!!  Congratulations to the Class of 2013!

Liberty University Senior Liberty University Equestrian Center

Thursday, April 4, 2013

ENGAGEMENT | Josh & Kari a fall Lynchburg and Bedford engagement

These gorgeous people are the newlyweds - Josh & Kari Phillips!  I'm posting their engagement session now for two reasons: 1) when I shot these in October I wasn't actively blogging and 2) I'm still editing their wedding day and I want to share more of this great couple until their wedding pics are ready!

I've known Kari about five years.  When you have friend's who are firefighters and police officers you don't often have a lot of options for getting together due to schedule conflicts.  As a result, I had only met Josh a handful of times before their engagement but, I remember hearing about him constantly!  Kari was always adorably talking about him and their relationship! 

It's been a wonderful experience to be part of my friends' special moments as both a friend and their photographer!  Shooting Kari & Josh's engagement session was such a joy for me! We ended up shooting in downtown Lynchburg and also at the Peaks of Otter Lodge for an outdoor backdrop and the fall foliage in full effect! 

Congratulations Josh & Kari!

Downtown Lynchburg Rustic Fall Peaks of Otter Engagement

Monday, April 1, 2013

PERSONAL | March Holiday Traditions

Since the Easter and St. Patrick's Day holidays both happen to fall into the month of March this year, I thought I would share in this post how I celebrated those days in our house this year.

I knew that two of my sister's would be eating dinner with us this year for St. Patrick's Day so I decided to make corned beef and cabbage for the first time.  My mom used to make it when we were growing up.  And no, I am not Irish, I just really like corned beef and cabbage! 
St. Patrick's Day Tradition
You may be thinking that milk looks green - it is!  Our milk was always green on St. Patrick's Day and my mom told us the leprechauns had come :-)!