Saturday, September 29, 2012

WEDDING | Shawn & Addie - a rustic fall train station wedding

In 2012, I had the absolute privilege to assist Jessica Cortes of Jessica Mae Photography on three of her weddings.  Jessica is great to work with - friendly, engaging, smiles a lot and is easy to talk to.  Her manner helps her relate to her clients and their families, putting them at ease - a necessity on a day when nerves can be high.  She's also wonderful because she is willing to share with other photographers just getting started - i.e. me!

Shawn and Addie were married on September 29, 2012.  As we were driving up to Covington, Virginia - Jessica told me all the two of them!  Addie and Shawn are so much in love which I'm sure you will see through the images.  Addie is a school teacher and loves pink, a color used throughout their wedding.

When we arrived, Jessica and I headed over to the Covington C&O Depot to shoot the details.  The depot is also where Addie and Shawn would hold their ceremony later that day. 

Train Depot Wedding Venue
Train Depot Wedding Venue