Thursday, November 20, 2014

CHEER| Liberty University 2015 Football Season Wrap Up

This fall has been very busy and as a result I didn't get to attend every Liberty University home game.  In all, I made it to about four of them.  We have one more regular season game this Saturday in Myrtle Beach against our conference rival Coastal Carolina University.  If we are victorious, it looks like Liberty University will be headed to the NCAA FCS playoffs for the first time in history!!  Since we are finishing up and heading into basketball season now, I thought I'd wrap up with some images I captured of our 2014-2015 Liberty University cheerleading squad when I was able to attend.  GO FLAMES!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

WEDDING | Sam & Hilary - a late summer rustic barn wedding with mountain views

As they prepared to walk down the aisle that afternoon, everyone began to feel the excitement!  Hilary had a calm presence about her - she wasn't nervous but the anticipation of the upcoming moments was growing!  She had so much joy!  You could just sense the love these two families have for each other and how thrilled they were to be joining in marriage!  At the foot of the cross with the Peaks of Otter as their backdrop, they made their vows and committed their service to the other in marriage through the washing of feet.

Hilary had selected a variety of colors for her big day - purples, yellows, touches of blue and green.  I was excited to see how it would all come together and it was gorgeous!  The details that Hilary put together not only suited the setting of Sierra Vista exquisitely, but all were done with her personal touch!  The bouquets were some of my favorite EVER!

Guests enjoyed games outside the barn during cocktail hour, a delicious taco bar for dinner, and cupcakes for dessert!  Hilary loves to cook and the little "Love Spice" favors were perfect for their big day!  At the end of the evening, they swept off to their honeymoon with the sound of cheers - bells and wands waving!

I would be seriously remiss if I didn't mention my fantastic second shooter, Aaron of Aaron Mallory Photography.  He was a great help to me all day and you can see many of his images in this post as well!

Monday, September 15, 2014

SENIORS | Alexandra, Liberty University Class of 2014

So, what is there to say about this senior portrait session?  Why might I say that to start off - because there is literally TOO much to say!  This senior is pretty special to me and Jae Studios!  Alexandra is my youngest sister and the last in our family to finally graduate from college!

I have three younger sisters and surprisingly, Alex and I are the most alike.  We've always been close since we were young.  Since her junior year in college, she's lived with my husband and I as she finished her program here in Lynchburg. In fact, my husband says we are so alike it's like having two of me!

This spring she graduated from Liberty University with her Bachelor's degree in Nursing!  To be honest, when she first said she wanted to be a nurse in high school I was skeptical.  Handling blood and crazy injuries, giving out shots, I figured she'd decide it wasn't for her.  She completely proved me wrong!  She studied hard and she is so looking forward to being a nurse!  Bring on those NCLEX exams!

Alex has appeared on the blog formally two different times (Here and Here!).  However, this girl has appeared informally pretty much everywhere else (Facebook profile pics anyone!).   Sometimes, she wants to shoot more than me!  On a serious note though, congratulations on your graduation sis!  We're proud of you! 

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