Friday, May 31, 2013


Welcome to volume 2 in the FURRY FRIDAY series!  I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who checked out the first post, I greatly appreciate it!

I'm hoping to keep you all updated as to which animals have gotten adopted from week to week!  As of last week, the following dogs who were featured on last week's blog post were adopted - Kieran, Calleah, and Gilbert! 

I am finding my time at the Lynchburg Humane Society both rewarding and challenging at the same time!  In order to capture the animals best, it is actually better if I keep my distance (which is difficult!).  I want them to ignore me and be themselves AND because it's awfully hard to photograph a dog when they are one inch from the camera :-)!  I didn't get all of the shots I wanted last week and I am looking forward to my trip to the shelter tomorrow for another session! A lot of dogs have come in this week and they all need new portraits!

So check out some more images of old friends from last week's post and some new friends below!  Stop by the Lynchburg Humane Society to check them out sometime this weekend!  Happy Friday everyone!

Non Profit Adoption Portrait Lynchburg Humane Society
L to R: Creasey, McGee, and Flynn
Non Profit Adoption Portrait Lynchburg Humane Society

Friday, May 24, 2013


A major part of my goals of success for my photography is to use my gift to have an impact and be more than just a business.  I'm super excited to announce that today I'm starting my first series that will help to accomplish that!

I've loved dogs for as long as I can remember (I love horses too, but I'm a pragmatist - I knew as a child a dog was more realistic :-)!)  I always watch the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving Day (I know dorky but I love it) and I own a dog encyclopedia!  I started volunteering at the Lynchburg Humane Society in 2008 and one year later, my husband and I adopted our dog, Pepper.  She has brought much joy and companionship to us and we wouldn't have her without the Lynchburg Humane Society. 

The LHS and their mission has always been close to my heart even when I couldn't be as actively involved.  However, now I will be utilizing my photograph to assist them in their mission.  Starting today and each Friday, I'll feature portraits of available animals in hopes of bringing more recognition to the LHS and the work they do.  I also hope that some forever homes are found for these wonderful animals too! 

So this weekly feature will be called FURRY FRIDAY!  Be sure to check out the Lynchburg Humane Society's website for their calendar of events for this Memorial Day holiday!  Also, thank you to all our soldiers past and present for your service of our country!

Non Profit Adoption Portrait Lynchburg Humane Society
Non Profit Adoption Portrait Lynchburg Humane Society

Thursday, May 16, 2013

SENIORS | Stacey, Class of 2013

This is my friend Stacey, she's gorgeous, super outgoing and loves to have fun - which I'm sure you can see in some of these photos!  Stacey is a gymnast and a fantastic coach at the National Artistic Sports Academy here in Lynchburg too!  We met several months ago and have been growing into fast friends ever since!  This girl just graduated last month from Lynchburg College!  Of course, when we were talking about her session that seemed like the best place to go!  Congratulations to Stacey and the rest of the Lynchburg College Class of 2013!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

ENGAGEMENT | Stephen & Suki an outdoor engagement session in downtown Lynchburg

First off, I just need to say that these two are absolutely the most crazy adorable couple I've ever had the privilege to photograph!  Their first date included dinner downtown, meandering through Blackwater Creek and visiting the Lynchburg Community Market!  So downtown was a perfect location for their session!  I want each engagement session to really reflect the couple as they are and both Stephen and Suki are very active!  Hence, their first outfit choice!  Stephen is in the army and stays fit and Suki was on the Lynchburg College track and field team!

They met on a weekend scuba diving certification trip a couple of years back and their meeting sparked Stephen to get in touch with Suki just a week or so after!  I guess you could say that the rest is history!  Stephen's love for Suki is visible and Suki, she just lights up when he looks at her!  The few nerves at the beginning melted away once they settled in to just being together during the session.  These two are getting married August 3rd in the San Diego, California area!  I'm sorry I can't be there for your big day but I'm honored that I got to capture your engagement session! Congratulations you two!

 Downtown Lynchburg Virginia Engagement Athletic wear
 Downtown Lynchburg Virginia Engagement Athletic wear

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

PERSONAL | May Goals

Yes, I know that it is technically halfway through the month of May . . . but you have to start somewhere!

Most photographers these days have a blog where they share about themselves, their business, as well as their work.  I, myself, just started blogging at the start of this year!  Since January, I've been posting my recent sessions and some of last year's sessions so that It's exciting that each month there are a few more posts than the month before!

A few of those photographers whose blogs I consistently follow blog about their goals.  For example, Kelsey Tice and Katelyn James, do this every month!  I thought I might take a cue from both of them and share my goals each month.  I am already a list maker on a daily basis (I LOVE to check things off!!!) so, I figured sharing these goals with you will help keep me more accountable!


1. Rock the sessions I've scheduled for the month of May!
2. Buy a bigger file cabinet (2 drawers is just not enough anymore!) and re-organize my business files to make it more efficient. 
3. Blog 2x per week for this month (1 personal and 1 session) and schedule posts in advance
4. Do a photo session with my new team member!  I'm scheduling a post to tell introduce them and tell you all about that!


1. Work out at least 4x's per week (I have two scheduled classes that I take per week, so I just have to add another 2 days of independent exercise).
2. Plan my meals for the week on Sundays.
3. Improve my night time schedule, I find it hard to pull myself away from working at night.  Even I need to acknowledge that down time and sleep is good!

And since all photography posts need to have a picture - spring has arrived in Lynchburg! I'm looking forward to summer!

Lynchburg Virginia Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer

Sunday, May 12, 2013

FAMILIES | Espenscheid Family Session

Dan Espenscheid is a coworker of mine at Liberty University!  He's been following my work for a while on Facebook (thanks Dan, I appreciate it!) and I was honored when he asked me about doing a family session!  All the Espenscheid kids and their spouses, minus a few grand kids, would be in town during the Liberty University Commencement weekend and of course, it was the perfect time to get them all together!

We decided to meet at Peaks View Park on a Sunday and my husband came along to assist me!  We don't get to work together a lot so that was nice!  Plus, he's really great at putting people at ease and making them laugh.  I like to refer to him as my personal laugh machine!

The park was full of green and it was a beautiful sunny day!  There was a lot of laughing, smiling, and fun during our session!  I think, needless to say, I had a fantastic time with this family and without further ado, let me introduce them!

This is Dan and his wife, Deborah (I told Deb remembering her name should be easy because it's both my mom and my mother in law's names)!   Dan works at Liberty University but is also a Flight Engineer in the Air Force!  I wore an Air Force sweatshirt to the shoot so point for me!  They live here in the Lynchburg area and have raised such a beautiful family!  They have four children - Dan, Derek, Dana and Dustin! 

Peaks View Park Lynchburg Virginia Outdoor Park Family Session
Peaks View Park Lynchburg Virginia Outdoor Park Family Session

Friday, May 10, 2013

SENIORS | Erica, Class of 2013

I met Erica two years ago when she was my sister's Resident Assistant partner at Liberty University!   My sister was a senior and Erica, a junior.  The two of them soon became great friends!  Brittany's graduation in 2012 and subsequent move to our house enabled Erica to remain in our lives for this year as well!  In fact, Erica is a constant presence in our house and I'm sure in our lives!  I'll be seeing her in just a few months when stand up together as bridesmaids at Brittany's wedding.   

Erica is a genuine and an authentic person!  She loves to laugh (some of the images of her laughing and being silly are some of my favorites!) and has such a heart to serve and nurture others.  All these qualities will serve her well in her desired career path - working with those who are a little bit older and a lot wiser than the rest of us.  During her time in college, she spent time each month volunteering in this field and hopes to be an activities director in the future.

I had a wonderful time with Erica capturing these images at the Hancock Welcome Center on campus!  She was a little nervous (as most of my clients are - only models are used to have a camera in their face!) but she settled right in! This girl is gorgeous and I hope you all love the images of her!

Erica is graduating this Saturday from Liberty University with a degree in Psychology!  Congratulations Erica!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

COUPLES | Jon & Jackie - An anniversary session at Camp Hydaway

Jon & Jackie had know each other for a few years before they started dating.  Jackie was friends with an older crowd (she has three sisters, 2 of them older, the other is her twin!) and didn't really start hanging out with Jon until a little over a year ago.

As their one year anniversary drew closer, Jackie contacted me about getting together for a session!  Jackie said they both loved the outdoors and spend a lot of time hiking or going to the beach.  I suggested Camp Hydaway and it turned out to be the perfect backdrop.  

I had photographed Jackie before in March but had never met Jon before this.  Jon is the more reserved of the two.  I think Jackie and I managed to get him to smile and laugh a few times!  Somehow Jackie gets the silly out of him!  Jackie & Jon both attended Liberty University this past year, Jackie is on the field hockey team here.  However, Jon is going to be transferring to the University of Connecticut at Avery Point next year to play baseball.  So, they wanted to incorporate their two colleges into the session!

Congratulations on your anniversary and I hope you like the pictures!  I had such a great time working with both of you!

Outdoor Anniversary Session Camp Hydaway Lynchburg VA
Outdoor Anniversary Session Camp Hydaway Lynchburg VA

Saturday, May 4, 2013


About two years ago, Lauren Blundell, and I worked together for Liberty University Online.  At the time, little Zachary was just a twinkle in Lauren and her husband Brandon's eyes!  Fast forward two years, I now work in the Registrar's Office, with Christi Hurtak (Lauren's mother) and during that time had begun taking on and photographing clients!

And as Zack's 1st birthday drew closer, Christi approached me about photographing her daughter, son-in-law, and grandson to celebrate this milestone!  So after a little calendar shuffling, the five of us got together May 4th!  Everyone was hoping spring would have arrived at that point but cooler temperatures didn't stop this little guy from being absolutely adorable!  The Blundell family (and the Hurtak's!) are some of the sweetest I have ever met and they genuinely love and enjoy each others company!  It's this beautiful satisfaction of being together that I love to capture in my family sessions - to remind you when life gets a little crazy!  Enjoy some of my favorites of these wonderful people!

P.S. Lesson learned: A dedicated baby whisperer makes these family sessions with little ones 10,000 times better!  A big shot out to our baby whisperer for the day, Zack's Nonna, Christi Hurtak.  I could have never gotten all of these fantastic smiles with out her!

Peaks View Park Outdoor Family Session 1 Year birthday session

Peaks View Park Outdoor Family Session 1 Year birthday session

Friday, May 3, 2013

WEDDING | Josh & Kari - A sparkly spring wedding at The Bedford Columns

When I first met with these two to talk about their March wedding, I asked Kari to describe her vision.  She told me she was selecting the colors red and black - oh! and she wanted lots and lots of diamonds!  As you'll see in this post, their March 20th wedding certainly had all of those things (especially BLING!) and more!  More being a lot of love, laughter, and fun with all of their family and friends!  

I've been so excited for Kari and Josh's big day, especially since I had photographed their engagement session about six months before!  I can only imagine how excited the two of them were - counting down each month, week, and day until - finally it was here!   It was an absolute honor to spend the day with Josh & Kari who are not just clients, but good friends!  I hope that you can see the love and joy that these two share through this story of their wedding!

Many thanks to The Bedford Columns, was a beautiful backdrop for Josh & Kari's special day!  It is fast becoming a favorite venue and I hope I'll be blessed to work with them in the future! Thanks again to my second photographer, Zack Arp-Barnett, for his perspective and initiative throughout the day. Some of his images are shared throughout the blog!

  Sparkly Red Black Wedding at The Bedford Columns

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

FAMILIES | Long Newborn Session

About the beginning of March, I had the absolute privilege of photographing the Long family while they were waiting for this beautiful boy to arrive!  Uzziah was due in early April but the Long's thought he might arrive any day in the same fashion as their older daughter, Zaya!  She was about three weeks early!   However, Uzziah came pretty much right on time!  Fast forward to beginning of April, the Long's wanted to capture some images of this little boy brand new! 

A big thanks to the Longs for allowing my first ever newborn session to be taking part in these special moments in your family!  I hope you all enjoy the images of this sweet, sweet family!  Congratulations to Randy, April, and big sister Zaya!

 Newborn & Family Session in Family Home Lynchburg
 Newborn & Family Session in Family Home Lynchburg