Friday, May 10, 2013

SENIORS | Erica, Class of 2013

I met Erica two years ago when she was my sister's Resident Assistant partner at Liberty University!   My sister was a senior and Erica, a junior.  The two of them soon became great friends!  Brittany's graduation in 2012 and subsequent move to our house enabled Erica to remain in our lives for this year as well!  In fact, Erica is a constant presence in our house and I'm sure in our lives!  I'll be seeing her in just a few months when stand up together as bridesmaids at Brittany's wedding.   

Erica is a genuine and an authentic person!  She loves to laugh (some of the images of her laughing and being silly are some of my favorites!) and has such a heart to serve and nurture others.  All these qualities will serve her well in her desired career path - working with those who are a little bit older and a lot wiser than the rest of us.  During her time in college, she spent time each month volunteering in this field and hopes to be an activities director in the future.

I had a wonderful time with Erica capturing these images at the Hancock Welcome Center on campus!  She was a little nervous (as most of my clients are - only models are used to have a camera in their face!) but she settled right in! This girl is gorgeous and I hope you all love the images of her!

Erica is graduating this Saturday from Liberty University with a degree in Psychology!  Congratulations Erica!

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