Tuesday, May 14, 2013

PERSONAL | May Goals

Yes, I know that it is technically halfway through the month of May . . . but you have to start somewhere!

Most photographers these days have a blog where they share about themselves, their business, as well as their work.  I, myself, just started blogging at the start of this year!  Since January, I've been posting my recent sessions and some of last year's sessions so that It's exciting that each month there are a few more posts than the month before!

A few of those photographers whose blogs I consistently follow blog about their goals.  For example, Kelsey Tice and Katelyn James, do this every month!  I thought I might take a cue from both of them and share my goals each month.  I am already a list maker on a daily basis (I LOVE to check things off!!!) so, I figured sharing these goals with you will help keep me more accountable!


1. Rock the sessions I've scheduled for the month of May!
2. Buy a bigger file cabinet (2 drawers is just not enough anymore!) and re-organize my business files to make it more efficient. 
3. Blog 2x per week for this month (1 personal and 1 session) and schedule posts in advance
4. Do a photo session with my new team member!  I'm scheduling a post to tell introduce them and tell you all about that!


1. Work out at least 4x's per week (I have two scheduled classes that I take per week, so I just have to add another 2 days of independent exercise).
2. Plan my meals for the week on Sundays.
3. Improve my night time schedule, I find it hard to pull myself away from working at night.  Even I need to acknowledge that down time and sleep is good!

And since all photography posts need to have a picture - spring has arrived in Lynchburg! I'm looking forward to summer!

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