Monday, August 4, 2014

WEDDING | John & Bridget - a rustic light blue summer wedding in Vermont - Part 1

From here on, I am going to start a new tradition with posting weddings on my blog!  It is always so hard to narrow down all the wonderful images from each wedding!  So, I'm going to try sharing weddings in two posts rather than one! 

It was an absolute honor to be asked to photograph John & Bridget's wedding!  We photographed their engagement session in January and it was a little chilly!  In contrast, the weather for their 4th of July weekend wedding was perfect!  The temperature was great and the light for portraits was fantastic!  The Country Club of Barre set in Bridget's home state of Vermont was truly wonderful!  The mountains, manicured golf greens, rolling hills, pine trees, and a picturesque pond near the clubhouse were a beautiful setting!

I had the wonderful company of Katrina, of K.leigh Photography from Connecticut as my second photographer.  Thanks for all your help!  If you are in the southeastern Connecticut area, check her out!  We started the day at Bridget's family home just a few minutes away from the country club. Bridget was a really relaxed bride!  She was utterly excited about getting married to the man she loves and just couldn't wait to walk down the aisle!  Bridget had a fantastic bridal party that was extremely helpful and supportive all day!  Having been a bride myself, I know how much of a blessing that is! 
Please enjoy the first part of John & Bridget's wedding day and stay tuned for more coming in the next day or two!

Bridget planned to wear her mom's veil on her wedding day!
Look at this!  Bridget's mom found her hospital bracelet while they were getting ready!
Bridget, could you be any more adorable?!
Dad's first look at his daughter as a bride!
Best men helping the groom get ready!
Bridget and John wanted to speak and pray together before the ceremony!  So they had a first look, no peeking!
The bridal party and parents of John & Bridget all joined together before the ceremony and prayed for them as they prepared to get married!
One of the club members sunk a putt on the green right next to the ceremony location and a polite golf clap erupted from the attendees! 
All waiting to go down the aisle!
Both John & Bridget got emotionally as she came down the aisle!
Beautiful day for a wedding!
Bridget needed a tissue in preparation for John's vows!
John & Bridget literally "tied" the knot!  Cute!
The kiss and married!
One more to celebrate!

Hope you enjoyed John & Bridget's first wedding post!  Stay tuned for part 2!


  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful couple! Xoxoxo, Mary Glenn and Charlie

  2. Thank you so much Mary Glenn & Charlie!