Friday, June 7, 2013

PERSONAL | I told you June was a busy month!

In my previous personal post this week, I shared some very special people in my life that are celebrating this month!  Monday it was my cousin, my parents, and one of my best friends and her husband!  Well, I hope you don't mind but there are a few other people that are celebrating milestones (one from yesterday and one today) that I'd love to share with you as well!

My Auntie Maryellen has a birthday today!  I want to wish my aunt a very Happy Birthday today!  Hope you get to have a lot of fun!  I'm so excited that I'll get to see her (and the rest of my family) in a few weeks when I travel to Connecticut!
On the left Auntie Mare with my Uncle John at my sister's grad party and on the right Auntie Mare at my house in VA!
Auntie Mare with Uncle John and my cousin Matt at his wedding to Lara last October!

I also want to send my happy congratulations to another couple who are also some of our best friends - Bryan & Sarah!  We met them Liberty University and I can't imagine life with out the two of them!   We grew a lot together in our first years of marriage and Bryce and I are so honored that when their son Rylan was born they asked us to be his godparents!  They celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary yesterday!  They are away for the weekend celebrating but I wanted to share how much we love and miss them (they live in Delaware!).  I can't believe it's been five years for you both, that Rylan is one, and that you are expecting Stafford number 2!  Happy 5th Anniversary!
 Bryan & Sarah at our wedding in October 2008 and on the right right after our godson, Rylan was born in February 2007!
Family pictures!
This little guy just turned one this February!  Can't believe it!

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