Wednesday, August 28, 2013

CHEER | Liberty University Cheerleading Tryouts 2013-2014

The tryout for the 2013-2014 Liberty University Cheerleading squad is a challenging three days that involve learning sideline cheers and the fight song dance and demonstrating your tumbling abilities.  In addition, it requires you to be adaptable to learning new stunting techniques and changing stunting groups and partners.  Personal interviews are held to find out more about each individual's character and whether they would be a good fit to represent the university and Christ.  All of those skills are being taught and tried during the first two days all while the attendees are being whittled down.  The final day is where each one demonstrates their acquired skills and their knowledge of the cheers and fight song.    

As we prepare to kick off the Liberty University football season away this weekend against Kent State, I wanted to share some cheerleading images from earlier in the spring.  These images tell the story of day two of the three days.  I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did shooting them (I'll explain at another time how I came to photograph them rather than participate!)

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