Saturday, August 10, 2013

CHEER | Brianna, Amherst High School Lancers

Brianna is a student at the National Artistic Sports Academy here in Lynchburg and that is how I came to meet her! She's attends Amherst High School and has just started cheering for FAME All Stars this year in addition to her high school team.  You always see her with a big smile which just demonstrates her incredibly upbeat personality!  She's also extremely bright and works very hard to improve her tumbling and cheer skills to be her best! 

I love to photograph cheerleading and I'm working on expanding my portfolio so I asked her and her mother if they would be interested in doing a session.  They excitedly agreed and I was thrilled!  I met up with Brianna and her mom at the Amherst High School football field in early August!  We decided to piggyback my session right after the official team pictures since she'd already be dressed in uniform.  Seeing the team dressed in maroon brought me back to my own high school cheering days at Wheeler High, where our colors were also maroon and white.  It was ridiculously hot that day but she worked the camera like a pro and looked gorgeous doing it! 

Good luck to Brianna, the Amherst High school cheer team and your FAME All Star team this season!

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