Tuesday, August 20, 2013

PERSONAL | Brittany's Bachelorette Cruise

You may remember from some of my previous posts (here and here) that my younger sister, Brittany was engaged to be married!  I say was engaged because she got married on August 3rd and is now Mrs. Timothy Oberlin!  However, before she walked down the aisle she walked the plank (just kidding!) on a surprise bachelorette cruise with some of her favorite ladies!

We scheduled a sunset cruise for the Monday before her wedding out of the Mystic Shipyard on the yacht Epiffany.  We were a little worried about the weather because it started off gray and cloudy but the sun eventually came out and set gloriously while were out on the water!  The ship's captain, Chazz, and his first mate were great hosts - providing us with some wonderful refreshments and a delightful time!  I, personally, had never been sailing and I completely understand how someone could love it so much!  I would go sailing again!

Maria, Erica, Alex and I headed to the yacht early to decorate the cabin, put together the food, and queue the personalized playlist for the evening.  Vanessa, the maid of honor, picked up our bride and brought her to the shipyard.  We sailed down the Connecticut shore, dining on some of the bride's favorite appetizers and desserts.  We danced to the music and ventured out onto the bow of the boat!  Later in the evening, Brittany opened some gifts and personal messages from each of us as well!

After our sunset cruise we headed to the local Mystic restaurant, Margaritas, where we laughed and each of us took a turn wearing a sombrero!  It was a fabulous evening full of fun, friends and lots of fond memories!

Arriving with her eyes tightly shut and heading down to the slip!
The 46ft yacht, Epiffany
We (her attendants) each wrote Brittany a "Message in a Bottle" which she opened on our cruise!  Credit for this idea to my husband, Bryce Enold!

Bridesmaid Maria made these adorable shirts!
This is the bride to be after her big night out!  Totally exhausted!

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