Sunday, August 18, 2013

PERSONAL | August Goals

Ok, I know that I never posted goals for July!  I've fallen a bit behind!  So I've decided to start fresh with goals for the remaining 2 weeks in the month of August!  Here they are!


1. Prep marketing materials for the start of the fall!  I've gotten a start on this.  I need to finalize designs and get some posters/flyers printed.
2. Line up a couple more cheer portfolio sessions and shoot them by the end of the month if possible!
3. Continue to blog 2X per week!  I'm still doing okay with this but it still varies a little from week to week.
4. Prepare a new product and materials for an upcoming business meeting!


1. Contact my wedding photographer about getting my own album! Still need to do this!
3. Allow time to adjust to a new work and home schedule (hubby and I are now working the same schedule and home together at night)!

I'm amazed I'm even showing this picture of myself!  And, no, I am not sleeping my eyes were just closed!
What do sunsets and sombrero's have in common?  Stay tuned for the blog post next week to find out!!

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