Tuesday, August 27, 2013

SENIORS | Taylor, Class of 2014

This is Taylor!  Some of you may recognize her (and her sister, Bailey!) from their cheer session earlier this fall!  I met Taylor when I started tumbling classes a couple of years back at the National Artistic Sports Academy here in town.  She's been tumbling and cheering since she was young and she's extremely talented.  She cheered for her high school for a few years and has participated in several all star cheerleading squads.  She's currently in her second season with FAME All Stars!

One of her best qualities (and there are many!) is her attitude!  Taylor exudes a quiet and persevering confidence in her abilities and has a humble spirit about it.  She's never without an encouraging word or suggestion to help others improve their skills.  Definitely a team player!

Cheerleading isn't the only venue in which she shines, Taylor is also smart and successful in her education.  In addition to all her cheer and tumbling practice, she maintains a heavy college prep course load.  All her hard work has finally paid off - she'll be graduating this spring from E.C. Glass High School and will head off to college in the fall! She's received acceptance from some really great universities and I know she'll succeed no matter where she attends.

We met in downtown Lynchburg and at Old City Cemetery for her session!  Good luck Taylor and the FAME All Stars this season!  Congratulations! 

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